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Crash Bandicoot, a PlayStation 5, and life

April 02, 2021

I took a long break from this blog. Life happened. I focused on other things. I didn’t feel motivated enough to write another post. In other words, there were plenty of reasons for this hiatus to happen. In my youth I would have felt bad about it and just quit the blog altogether. Not now though. I’m ploughing through.

Also, in the mean time I have been busy. Mainly with work and my personal life, but also with music, drawing, coding and even a bit of gaming. Yes, gaming. Not only do I now own a very decent PC, but I also am the happy owner of a PlayStation 5. And I have to say, having those modern devices near me makes it very easy to pick up a game and play.

But aside from the cutting-edge stuff, I am also back on the Stardew Valley grind. It’s one of those games that finds a sweet spot in your life. It’s not overly present or demanding, it’s just there for when you need a little escape. I really appreciate its existence and the continuing updates it provides.

Back to the PlayStation 5 though. I pretty much skipped the entire last generation of gaming, so it feels like there is a lot of games to discover. As I kind of got hype-immune with regards to new games, I am completely happy to play older games I might have missed. Not that there are a lot of true next-gen games to play anyway.

So not surprisingly the first thing I did was get a PlayStation Plus account. If you’re not aware, a Plus account not only gives you free games every month, but it also gives you access to twenty pretty decent games.

One of the games is the Crash Bandicoot remaster. So that’s the three first Crash titles, but then optimized for our very big tv’s. Having a friend over we chose to play that game, and well have you, we played the game into the night, and picked it up right away in the morning.

It’s frustratingly fun. Just like how games used to be.

Not to worry, I’m not going on a nostalgia rant, but it’s nice to play one of those games every now and then. The process of encountering a near impossible set of obstacles, to then slowly get to know the patterns and plays you have to do is rewarding.

So yes, I have been mainly using the superior chipset of the PlayStation 5 to play a very old game.

I guess it’s one of those things you do when you grow up. One of those things you do when life has happened to you and you really don’t care about the noise anymore. You just want to have fun and appreciate that fun while you can.

It’s what I want for this blog. To have fun with it. And share that joy. Hopefully see you soon!