just some notes.

As summer draws to an end and the rays of sun leave us to ourselves, we have only our melancholy to keep us warm. Until we fall in love with autumn again.

Originally produced in the summer of 2019, I never properly mixed and released this project. With 2020 giving us all a hard time, it felt right to go back to it and put it out. Especially with another cold and rainy autumn ahead of us.

Notes on making games and artistic research

I am still in the research phase of working on a video game. Ideas have been piling up, eating each other, morphing into new ones, or lost (potentially) forever to amnesia. It's a sad, yet fertile process. The context I'm creating together with my friend is one that is bound to bring forward a product that has some type of layeredness. So…

Relations, including nested data and more Prisma 2 notes

I'm currently exploring a new back-end technology called Prisma 2. I want to share some notes here, as I discover how it works, in the hope that they might be useful to anyone trying out Prisma 2 too (^-^). If you're not into coding, javascript, graphql or all that stuff, it probably won't be too interesting for you. Of course, you're…

It’s been a while. I’m committed to return to more consistent blogging soon, but for now I will suffice by sharing one of the projects I have been working on recently.

I present Fever Dreams, an EP I made over the course of a particularly intense heatwave. It’s a somewhat experimental project for me, it being influenced by genres like Afrobeat and Afroswing.

solitary temples

a [filtered] study

Making a custom color picker

Colors are fun. Especially when you can choose your own. You'll need a color picker for that though. Luckily, we can easily create a custom one ourselves with react . While you can use the native color picker that the browser offers, we'll be using the library react-color . It provides us with a couple of helpful components, which speed…

Bass lines, grooves, lush chords, percussions & guitar rhythms. Sunday is your chance to get close and intimate with music.

How to build your own analytics (part one)

I have a blog (you’re reading it). It's just a personal site I occasionally share some stuff on. That's all it is, and all it ever should be. Naturally, like most humans on the internet, I do get a little positive sensation when people visit my site. But that's really just a bonus. It's not a reason to post more stuff or to post things I…

we're evaporating

Writing games with Marx

It seems like a right moment to tell you a little bit about the game I've been working on with a good friend of mine. The game, of which I won't share the title yet, is currently very much in the conceptualization-, yet somewhat out of conceptualization phase. That is to say, I think we've got a good handle on what we're trying to create…

Can you start a Sunday playlist series in any other way than with the Maroon 5 classic Sunday Morning? I bet you can, yet I won't. A little cliché never hurt a playlist. But fear not, we'll take you on some less trodden paths as well. From Indonesian alternative to Hawaiian crooning. Enjoy.

Assuming responsibility... for my blog

I've been having a bit of trouble writing down any coherent thoughts as of late. That's a shame, for it was my intention to dig a bit deeper into my thoughts on this blog. To take more notes while I was reading and then hopefully try to formulate sentences and paragraphs which could help me make sense of all the information swimming in my…

jungle nostalgia

a dispatch from a distant jungle

It takes a village (and a few elders)

For too long I have ventured into the unknown, not caring about all the beautiful things I built in the past and then left behind. Those buildings would still be there when I came back, I believed. Maybe they'd need a little checkup, but as long as one of the inhabitants wasn't screaming that the roof was gone, I was still good. And I…

Building a web app

After years of building applications for the web with Javascript, I’m now jumping into the world of Ruby on Rails. If you’ve never built a web application, I’m sure this doesn’t mean much to you. You might even have no idea at all, what I’m talking about. And to be fair, sometimes that same feelings creeps into my soul as well. The thing…

nature studies [01]

drawing from nature

Pokémon Sword & Shield move at their own pace

The day I thought would never arrive, did actually arrive: we’ve been given a three dimensional full blown Pokémon adventure. A miracle, no less. Anyone who has played the game since Pokémon Red & Blue and has seen the very first season of the Pokémon anime should be able to relate to this sentiment. It always seemed like such a natural…

I'm just making some notes

Hello and welcome to my blog. This is the obligatory first post that I just couldn’t resist writing. I’ve been writing and starting blogs probably ever since I first got onto the internet. Back then blogs didn’t exist, but there were homepages and guestbooks. Naturally I had both at some point: a guestbook and a homepage. The transition…

  • Notes on making games and artistic research
  • Relations, including nested data and more Prisma 2 notes
  • Making a custom color picker
  • How to build your own analytics (part one)
  • Writing games with Marx
  • Assuming responsibility... for my blog
  • It takes a village (and a few elders)
  • Building a web app
  • Pokémon Sword & Shield move at their own pace
  • I'm just making some notes
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