just some notes.

I'm just making some notes

January 18, 2020

Hello and welcome to my blog. This is the obligatory first post that I just couldn’t resist writing. I’ve been writing and starting blogs probably ever since I first got onto the internet. Back then blogs didn’t exist, but there were homepages and guestbooks. Naturally I had both at some point: a guestbook and a homepage.

The transition into blogs was difficult. Not from the consumer side - I loved reading and following all types of blogs. But from the production side there was suddenly more technology involved, as well as the (self-imposed) expectation of posting new stuff regularly.

This turned out to be something I could never really deal with. My passion was always in the creating: building something new, coming up with a new idea, making a connection that wasn’t there before. And only writing a new post every now and then, just didn’t scratch that itch.

Eventually I did write for a couple of years professionally about games. A time I cherish very much and also helped me improve my writing a lot. The fact that it earned me money and had me playing games probably also helped motivate me to suddenly become a productive writer.

Still, that writing muscle I developed during those days is not completely gone. I think I can churn out some more stuff. If only I would manage to not be too critical of my own writing…

Well the answer is in the very title of this blog. I’m just making some notes.

Whether it’s about the books I read, the games I play or the things I’m learning (how to make games and Ruby!), I’m just going to share some of the notes I make. As a little repository of all the knowledge I’m coming across. Because if there’s one thing I realised at my big old age: I forget a lot.

So after all these years I’m attempting a blog again. Please read it… No, it’s fine. I’m happy to be posting into the void, but if for some reason you do read along and have some notes you’d like to share with me. I’m on Twitter.