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Pokémon, Synthesizers & Nusa Corp

January 31, 2022

I’m back into the world of Pokémon. A few days ago my brother gifted me Pokémon Legends: Arceus for the Switch and I’ve been playing it as much as I can. The joy of finding and catching Pokémon is still very real and the implementation of the old Pokémon concept in Legends: Arceus is refreshing, yet very familiar.

My Nintendo Switch had been tucked away for some time as I couldn’t really get into Eastward, and didn’t feel motivated enough to continue my Stardew Valley farm. Which basically meant that I wasn’t playing too many games over the last couple of months. That doesn’t mean I wasn’t occupied with things though.

Between this post and my last blog post I have just about double upped in music production gear. Aside from the Model: Cycles and little Yamaha keyboard, I now also own the Elektron Digitakt, a Microkorg and a Behringer Neutron. Yes, I’ve gone full synth.

There’s a lot of joy in making music without the computer, and the Digitakt has been instrumental in rediscovering that simple fact. The little groovebox has also led me to new musical avenues. I had been dabbling in a bit of house on my DAW, but with the Digitakt it just feels so natural.

I’m hoping to release some music very soon.

The thing is, there has been another hobby of mine that’s been getting in the way. In the first few weeks of this year I’ve been coding a lot.

I am working on a set of web apps that are meant to help me in my creative life. This sounds a bit vague, but what it comes down to is that these are tools with a specific functionality. Whether it’s about saving references I find on the web or tracking a project.

This year I hope to get them up and running and naturally I want to blog about the progress. I’m releasing the apps under the umbrella of Nusa Corp; a corporation that is run by my parent’s cat.

Well, I’m off to play more Pokémon. I promise to check in again soon.